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Top 5 Hairstylists to Follow on Instagram @TedGibson, @JenAtkin, @GuyTang, @Riawnacapri, @ChrisMcMillan

There are so many celebrities and sportspersons to follow on Instagram that you hardly think about following a few hairstylists. But if these hairstylists happen to be the most successful ones in their profession and have a client list that is really impressive, you are forced to follow them to know a little bit about the latest hairstyles and the celebrities sporting the hairstyles given to them by these artists. How can you ignore a hairstylist who provides his services to a sex bombshell like Kim Kardashian or a Hollywood five like Angelina Jolie? Of course, who won’t want herself to look like famous Hollywood celebrities?

There are many hairstylists present on Instagram who is taking the fashion world by storm. If you need inspiration to be a hairstylist professionally or just want to get updates about the latest hairstyle trends, you can follow such hairstylists on Instagram. Let’s talk about top 5 in terms of number of followers and the impressive client list they boast.
1. Guy Tang @Guy_Tang

Guy Tang is the new kid on the block but he has become extremely popular in recent times. He is based in California and works both as a hairstylist as well as a model. He has an astonishing 645 thousand followers on Instagram.


2. Jen Atkin @JenAtkinhair

Jen Atkin happens to be the most popular hairstylist if one goes by the number of followers on Instagram. She has a long list of clients that includes celebrities and sports personalities. She is known for creating hairstyles that look effortless. Her styles are loved by people as they are easy and can be easily adopted. With 254887 followers and clients like Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, and Sofia Verghara, Jen is without doubt the top of the top hairstylist of the world at present.


3. Ted Gibson @TedGibson


Ted Gibson is a seasoned campaigner in the world of hairstyling with 192932 followers on Instagram. He not only looks after the hairstyles of high profile clients like Demi Moore, Claire Danes, and Jessica Alba but also manages his own salon and also creates new hair care products. Customers pay in excess of $1000 for a hair cut from Ted Gibson.

4. Chris McMillan @ChrisMcMillan

Chris McMillan is a hairstylist who is as popular for his hairstyles given to clients as he is for his own style and charisma. He has 84815 followers on Instagram and boasts of a long list of clients including high profile celebrities. Some of his famous clients are Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, and Julia Roberts.

5. Riawna Capri @RiwanaCapri

She is a young and beautiful hairstylist with a huge fan following and a long list of famous clients. She has 84714 followers on Instagram and her clients include Vanessa Hudgens, Charlie XCX, and Julianne Hough.


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