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Toronto’s own has had another exceptional year, from Hotline Bling to Energy Drake has been killing the charts around the world. This past year has been something of a roller coaster ride for our “Own Drake” but this is nothing short of what it means/take to a celebrity. But we have to give the man some major credit not only for his musical contributions to our time but also to the consistent flow of entertainment. From super model hopping to dating the beautifully fierce Serena Williams, our “Toronto’s Own” has been ever where in the media this year even to the point where a full blown lyrical war erupted between him and ahhh whats his name again…..I’m already starting to forget him, hmmmm oh yea Meek Mills lol. yea that happend, I mean he did had a few other run  ins but nothing like this one. I guess its because Mills got bodied hard on the bars and his response caused him to take an “L”(meaning), but again credit has to be given to “Toronto’s Own” for his seamlessly smooth deliverance of some lyrical side jabs & kidney shots that have Meeks down for the count. Lines like “Tragga fingers turn to Twitter fingers” and “….” had Meeks against the ropes and then the final blow was delivered, what do you think that was…

But again we there is still a lot more we gotta give him credit for, that track hotline bling came with some interesting reviews. I mean the dance moves that are associated with the song went from the mac ca rana to the cha cha cha then a cross over to what looks like him bouncing an imaginary basket ball. Despite the negative reviews which I don’t believe to be that negative, he got just over quarter billion views on youtube and counting.

Love him or hate him drake is kill the charts with hits after hits and relationships after relationships that has his audience entertained and steadily gossiping about his last adventure or song that they just can’t get out of their head. He is officially a “household name” if I said that correctly. So I hope you enjoy the little video compilation we put together of our “Toronto’s Own” Drake of 2015.




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