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Today In Music History – A star is born… ADELE

Image Credit: Adele Official

The Day: May 5th, 1988 – Location: London, England.  Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born to parents Penny Adkins and Mark Evans.  Proudly looking at their bundle of joy do you think they could have even imagined the impact she would go on to  have in the music world or the world in general?  ADELE, a name recognizable internationally often with a phrase such as: “Wow, can she ever sing” stormed into the music industry at just 19 years old after her performance on Saturday Night Live in 2008.  Her debut album went 7x Platinum in the UK, and 3× Platinum in the US selling approximately 10 million copies world-wide and just like that a star was born.  Adele’s unique bluesy/pop sound and a voice like no other, together with lyrics that could bring anyone to tears and a refreshing confidence quickly grabbed fans’ attention.

Her follow up album 21 released in January 2011, once again named after her age, sold over 25 million copies and earned her 6 Grammys.  Adele was back on top of the music world with her highly anticipated album.  This album topped the charts in 30 countries and became the worlds best selling album in 2011-2012.  Adele went on to win an academy award for her song Skyfall recorded for a James bond movie. 

Recently, returning to the music scene, Adele released her new album.  After contemplating quitting the music scene and deciding instead to take a break to raise her son, she struggled with writer’s block but came out on the other side of it.  And, as a result, Adele released her album 25 and fans were not disappointed.  The debut single “Hello” smashed the music charts and Adele being back on top is currently touring.  In a very humorous episode of Carpool Karaoke she tells host James Corden that she is finished naming her albums after her age because she likes trilogies.  What we can expect from Adele next can only be left to waiting and seeing and enjoying the anticipation. Surely she will continue to impress and do what she does best sing!   For now let’s enjoy her new album and having Adele back in the music world. 

She only gets better!

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