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Today In Music History – 1st Annual Grammy Awards


May 4th 1959 was the day that the first ever Grammy’s were held.  The awards were a formal ceremony, black-tie event hosted inside the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton, while other academy members gathered at the Park Sheraton Hotel in New York City to simultaneously celebrate.  Twenty eight Grammys were awarded and recipients included legendary musicians such as Ella Fitzgerald for best female artist and best individual Jazz performance and Frank Sinatra for best album cover as art director.

A Grammy is an honour award given by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science to recognize achievement in the music industry.  The Grammy awards are one of music’s biggest nights.  Love them or hate them the Grammys impact the music industry tremendously.  Often when musicians are introduced their name is followed by the amount of Grammy’s they have won.  For example, Adele – 10 X Grammy award winner,  Michael Jackson a 13 X Grammy award winner.  Some of our greatest Canadian musicians have also received this award.  Sarah McLachlan 3 X Grammy award winner, Neil Young a 2 X Grammy award winner and Rush a 2 X Grammy award winner to name a few.

The awards are important but also so are the performances.  Every year people tune in to see who is going to perform and what they are going to do.  Each year artists strive to impress some fans and leave an impression.  Some of the most notable performances are talked about for years to come.  For example, Pink’s incredible performance of  “Glitter in the Air” I gather anyone who didn’t know about Pink that night was googling her the next day.  Or the year that Lada Gaga surprised us all with her duet with Elton John, and anytime Madonna takes the stage people tune in to see what she will do.  There have been many notable performances that have been talk about years after.  That is what the Grammy’s do they create buzz and interest in musicians, performances and the music industry.




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