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The Band-Tee-Bandwagon (Must Have Summer 2016)

image Is it too typical to write about Kendall Jenner’s style? Not when she styles a band tee like that! The 20-year-old was spotted wearing a cropped vintage graphic band tee paired shiny wide-leg Lurex pants with a black lace bralette played underneath. This wouldn’t be the first time this Jenner sister has walked out looking effortlessly chic- having also paired her band tees with ripped denim, stylish trousers, and cut-out leggings.

She’s not the only one either – model of the moment Gigi Hadid is also hoping on the band-tee bandwagon! On their evening out, Gigi paired her vintage cropped Rolling Stones tee with mesh cut-out leggings. She’s also been one to turn to band tees to add a little edge to, for example, a pair of cream wide leg trousers. Band tees are sure finding their way into becoming a closet staple.

The late 80’s grunge look illuminates the era of the rockstar and in this day and age everyone is wannabe rockstar. In my opinion (and probably many others) millennials are quite the rebellious generation. We set out in standing up for what we believe in,
changing the norms and pushing boundaries. So, it’s only fitting that we’re looking to the 80’s for fashion trends to match our movements. We are quite a creative generation with many outlets to express that creativity. And what better way than to get creative with vintage.


This trend is not your one stop shop (at least not right now). These band tees are NOT your typical band tee. First thing is first – find a vintage store, take your pick, find a pair of scissors and cut to your hearts content. Cut the sleeves, crop the bottom, slice the back, trim the collar -the options are endless! The trick here is pairing it with something a little more feminine to balance out the look. Try your band tee tucked into a maxi denim skirt or even under a slip dress.With the ‘70s trends of flared denim and hippie floral print dresses slowly on the out, and the cropped tees and chokers of the ‘90s only on the incline, I predict more styles of the ‘80s will make their way onto the streets. Let’s just hope the hair styles don’t repeat. No one -and I mean NO ONE – wants to see that again. I, for one, am totally unopposed to dressing like my inner groupie and showcasing my scissor art. Plus, vintage band tees don’t require you to empty your bank account.

Stayed tuned as I’ll be scoping out some of the best vintage stores in Toronto to help you find your perfect band tee.


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