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Selena Gomez: Celebrity who fits into Different Fashion Garments Effortlessly

Selena Gomez is a very popular teenage actress and singer. She looks ravishing in whatever she wears and is growing into a very beautiful and alluring young lady of late. She may have been like a Disney princess all these years but she is also changing as far as her dress sense and the ability to carry designer gowns flawlessly is concerned. She seems to have come of age after years of looking like a pretty doll. The singing sensation is currently on a European tour where she is mesmerizing her fans not just with her voice but also her beautiful dresses. The heartthrob of millions of boys and young men around the world was seen in three different dresses while moving out in French capital Paris two days ago.


Selena can be seen wearing a long flowing skirt with an alluring top in this photo. The top is a loose one with a turtle neck that reflects her feminine figure in a beautiful manner. This top is ;light grey in color while Selena is wearing a dark grey skirt. This top is like a poncho as it covers both her hands along with her front and back and it barely comes down to her waist. The length of the skirt is down to her calves and one can see Selena wearing high heeled black sandals to complement this dress. Selena has made use of light makeup with dark lipstick to match with the dress and the occasion and has done her hair in a braid that she has kept at her front. All in all, she looks stunning in this fashionable yet sober dress.



This is another dress that Selena wore on the same day while in Paris. In this dress, Selena looks like a grown up lady as she is also wearing a felt hat and carries a handbag to create a lasting impression on her fans. The singing star is wearing a black coat with a matching legging. She is wearing a black top under the coat to complete the dress. It is a long coat that has buttons at the front. Serena can be seen walking confidently with buttons closed and carrying the bag in her right hand. The highlight of this black coat is the frill given on the sleeves that have been kept short deliberately. Selena looks ladylike in this black dress.

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