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How to Look Stunning in a Halter Neck Dress

Halter neck dresses look one of the most alluring and glamorous dresses when worn by celebrities at red carpets and other formal functions. These dresses come in different shapes and patterns and they are made using different fabrics as well. Extra straps are attached on both sides of the bust line so as not to reveal too much of flesh even though many of these dresses show bare backs with strap that has to be tied behind the neck to hold the dress in place. Often there is an adjustable strap behind the neck that can be adjusted according to the body shape of the user. However, choosing a halter neck dress for yourself is a very tricky matter as one mistake and you can look very unflattering in this dress. Make sure you know your body shape and physique in mind before buying a halter neck dress.


Halter neck dresses come in different fabrics and patterns and they are not limited to a particular style. You can buy a short or a long halter neck dress depending upon the occasion or your own liking. Remember one thing that the focus of the onlooker shifts to your upper body, mainly your shoulders and breasts when you are wearing a halter neck dress. So you can happily wear a halter neck dress if you have heavy hips and thick calves and ankles. But it could become embarrassing for you if you are top heavy as everyone at a social gathering seems to be interested in your breasts. Understanding your own body shape and figure is important before buying the right halter neck dress that makes you look thinner and glamorous and sexy at any event or function.


Once you have found the right halter neck dress that hides your imperfections and highlights your assets, it is time to wear it in just the right manner to look charming and graceful to others. One accessory that you must avoid at all cost when wearing your halter neck dress is a necklace or anything else that hides your neckline. Next obviously is the selection of the right bra to wear with the halter neck dress. As your dress keeps your back bare, you need a strapless bra so that it doesn’t look odd with the halter neck dress. You can even decide to wear no bra at all if your dress had foam cups at the front and you are confident of carrying off the dress without any difficulty.


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