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How to Flatter in a Fringe Skirt?

If Paris Fashion Week is anything to go by, frills are back with a bang and so is the fashion of fringe skirts. In fact, the whole of 2015 fringe played a big part in catwalks on the ramp around the world during fashion week. A fringe skirt is the in thing as far as street fashion is concerned. But incorporating a fringe skirt in daily wear seems to be difficult for girls and working ladies. Celebrities make it seem so easy to pull off fringe skirts maybe its because of they have a stylist and us girls in the real world have to do the styling ourselves.  If you have a desire to add a fringe skirt to your wardrobe but fear appearing like a flapper, here are a few style tips that will make sure you look like a chic and very fashionable and trendy at social gatherings.

The most alluring part of the fringe skirts is the way in which the fringes twirl and twist from one direction to another as you get up and move. Also, boys like the way these fringes move from side to side when you are walking on the street in the outdoors. Fun with fringes has just begun with celebrities sporting fringe skirts in their own inimitable styles. But you must remain cautious and not copy the style of a celebrity unless you have tall and thin body with long legs. Anything less than a perfect figure and you can appear like a flapper as mentioned in the beginning.

If you are new to fringe skirt, it is better to start with a pencil skirt that is knee length or even longer with fringes starting around knee. It is more or less like a basic skirt with nothing to terrify you or others. But even with this most basic fringe skirt, you can look like a bombshell if you know how to accessorize. Here is a list of accessories that you can pair with this fringe skirt to look fantastic:

  • A gold necklace that is tiered
  • Stud earrings made of crystals
  • Watch in the form of a bracelet
  • Leather belt with golden buckles
  • Platforms that is matching or colorful
  • White blouse that is ruffled
  • Shoulder bag that is metallic
  • A sleeveless cardigan if outerwear is necessary

Arrange the accessories when you try your new fringe skirt. Believe me, the very fashion that you find worth of only celebrities will make you feel special when you are attending a social gathering.


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