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Florian Paetzold – Easy (Official Music Video)

“It is in the nature of Music to give joy” Florian Paetzold is a true joy machine, with his emotional and groove-laden, melodically-dreamy songs, which get under your skin and incite you to dance. Born in 1986 in the small idyllic town of Halberstadt in Germany , Florian was enthusiastic about music from an early age; at 14 years old he began playing the guitar.

This enthusiasm for music developed slowly in the direction of electronic dance music. In 2000 Florian attended some of his first “Techno”-Parties. The positive energy of the partygoers, the extravagant music and with it that rhythmical, driving beat, captured Florian’s imagination. Shortly thereafter in 2002,

Florian bought himself his first records along with the necessary gear, and with all his focus, started to throw down some tracks under the name “P.C.I”. In 2004 he discovered his passion for the software program Propellerhead Reason and began to produce Hip Hop and Electro / House. More projects followed, such as in 2008: “The Masked Nerdz” in which he produced Electro Rave along with three other lads from Bielefeld. And then in 2012: “Noize4All” which he did with a friend from Erfurt. Then on the 11th November 2012, his current project was born under the name: Florian Paetzold!

He is personally very proud of this project and is putting his full love of music into it. His remix of “Sunday Girl – Where Is My Mind” was voted among the Top 100 Edits in the charts for 2012! 2013 will be yet another year full of new music. There are releases planned, as wells as edits and remixes!

Source: SoundCloud


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