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Donald Glover In New Spider-Man? But Playing What Role?!

Spiderman Homecoming is supposedly getting a new cast member. It has been reported that Donald Glover will be joining the Spiderman cast. Glover was originally seen by many as one of the possible actors of color to play Spiderman. Unfortunately, the role was given to Tom Holland.
Glover will join Holland, Zendaya, Robert Downey Jr and Marisa Tomei who have all been confirmed for the film. Who will Glover play, though? That’s been one of the biggest questions with his addition. Glover already voices the mixed-race version of Spiderman, Miles Morales on the Disney XD’s show Ultimate Spider-Man.
One of the most obvious possibilities would be to have Glover play Miles Morales in the film. The biggest problem with that would be Glover’s age because Morales is a teenager and Glover is currently 32 years old. An exciting but pretty obvious possibility for Glover would be to play the villain of the movie.
It’s hard to pinpoint one villain that he could become, but for now, it seems like the Prowler is the front runner. First known as Hobie Brown, he began his life of criminal activity as a theft before encountering Spider-Man. After his encounter with Spider-Man, Brown decides to turn his life around and has even filled in for the hero. While Glover won’t stay a villain in this role, it will give him a chance to at least try out being a villain.
The idea that first came to my mind for Glover was to have him play one of Peter’s teachers. He is the perfect age to play a teacher and will be someone who the kids can relate to. Usually, when they have actors play teachers, they make them unlikable but Glover could change that. Glover’s brand of comedy is also something that would mesh well with that age group and maybe he’ll even rap while he’s teaching the class.
No matter what role they offer Childish Gambino, he will shine. Even though he isn’t playing Spider-Man, adding him is still a step in the right direction and shows that they’re listening to what the fans want.



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