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2016 Canadian Music Week Continues – Charlie Hilton & Wild Nothing inside The OPERA House

As Canadian Music Week continues there is a buzz in the city.  Fans are wearing their ‘wristbands’ proudly as hundreds of musicians are playing at various venues around Toronto.  You cant help but get excited about music this week.  A beautiful sunset filled the evening sky what better to do than go see live music!

The OPERA House


As the Opera House started to fill with excited fans Charlie Hilton, with her band, elegantly took the stage.  With her soft, bluesy sound she immediately grabbed the audience’s attention.  Be careful though I must worn you the moment you hear her beautiful voice you may just fall for her music.  She had charisma and lovely stage presence.  Along with her talented band the audience was given a treat with her opening act.

IMG_2028 (2)

Charlie Hilton warmed up the crowd very nicely and gave a fantastic performance about halfway through her set she said “Oh ya I am Charlie Hilton” and continued on with her heart filled music.

IMG_2021 (2)

As Charlie and her band finished their set the audience was pumped and clearly enjoyed their playing.  She thanked the audience for having her in Toronto and they headed off stage.

wild nothing stage

With a full house and excitement by all, Wild Nothing makes their way on the stage.

wild nothing 2wild nothing 3

wild nothing 5wild nothing

Wild Nothing an American indie rock band came out and immediately captivated the audience.  Their rock indie sound had the entire OPERA house moving.  The excitement continued to build throughout the entire show and it was clear that people were enjoying the music and having a great time celebrating Canadian music week.

Hanging out at the merch table

Hanging out at the merch table – Charlie Hilton with her awesome guitar player


A full house at the OPERA house

A full house at the OPERA house

What a great night at the OPERA house.  Just another day of Canadian Music Week.  Be sure to check it out tickets and wristbands can still be purchased online.

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