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2016 Canadian Music Week – Lights inside The Danforth Music Hall


Lights played for a packed audience of her fans at the Danforth Music Hall as part of Canada Music Week.  The show was electrifying and memorable with Lights giving her fans exactly what they wanted her heart filled, beautiful music.  The show was an acoustic show with the majority of the songs being from her newest album Midnight Machines and also some of her ‘oldies’.

Lights stage

Prior to Lights taking the stage there was an energy in the Danforth Music Hall and it was clear, people love Lights.  As she humbly and elegantly approached the stage the audience roared and it was evident that she had captivated all before singing her first note.  The anticipation was building as she took a seat on her stool.  The mic stood with a beautiful flower arrangement attached on front and the audience could see several of these flower arrangements on various parts of the stage.  The lighting was soft and the stage was perfect, Lights began to sing.

Lights takes the stage

She started with the song “River” and by the first note the audience was pumped and ready to hear their Canadian artist.  As she sang the audience quieted and the Hall was silent aside the music.  A respectful audience quietly took in the music and listened proudly.  Looking around people had smiles on their faces, some held their merchandise proudly and others just were taking in the moment and appeared to be in a place of peace.  Now that is impactful for the first song of what would be just about two hours of blissful acoustic music.

Next clearly a crowd favorite she sang “Up From Here” The Brilliant acoustic version sounds like a new song from its original, I wouldn’t say a better version but a different version, there is a completely different feel to the song.


IMG_1968 (2)

With fans taking the opportunity at any moment of silence to express their love for Lights by reminding her “We love you” she continued on with “Where the Fence is low” and a flawless performance of “Same Sea”. Lights takes you to this place of creativity, almost a peaceful divine of sorts and its as if you are right there with her at the moment of the creation of her songs.  Being at her concert you feel as if you are apart of something special.

face up feb air

Keeping the audience entertained and engaged the entire show, Light’s humour and stories warmed the Music Hall.  A breathtaking performance of “Oil and Water” with violin playing that could give you goose bumps, it was fair to say the audience was warmed up and having a great time.   Lights took the time to introduce her band with clear gratitude and respect for each of them.  With her glass of white wine in hand, like a true Canadian, she sang her next song “Don’t go home without me” .

IMG_1960 (2)

Next she told an excited crowd that she was going to sing a couple of duets with Kevin Fox who was on cello, they obviously had amazing chemistry on stage.  With a tease of “We didn’t do this one yesterday” next came what I can only describe as the most exciting moments of the concert.  They started “Siberia”.   Max Kemman made his way on stage and sang along.  It was absolulty amazing, check out the sound clip of them singing together.

A now very impressed and super excited audience, Lights tells “That was your surprise.”  The crowd is electric as Lights introduces her next song and talks about how as her and Kevin reinvented it for this show she realized how much the song meant to her. “I realized how much this fucking song means to me”.  She explained how it helped her a lot when she wrote it and along with Kevin Fox they played “Face up”.

Her guitarist returns and Lights inquires from the audience; “Did you guys enjoy Midnight Machines?”  The audience loudly cheers for the new album, once it quiets again a fan yells out “will you sign mine!” this creates laughter and lights seems rather embarrassed but fluffs it off and makes a joke about needing more wine.  The crowd enjoys this greatly and everyone including Lights laughs.  She had such chemistry with the audience.   She introduces the next song talking about relationships with different people and how you would do anything for someone you love.  Her stunning vocals and performance of “Peace sign” leaves everyone in the hall nearly breathless.  The band returns and they go on to play “Running with the Boys”.


IMG_1950 IMG_1955 (2) IMG_1956 (2)


We get more of Lights humour and see just how authentic the show is when someone yells “Love your new tattoo” and she goes on to talk about her tattoo and makes a joke about it being in the gross phase.  Next her beautiful song “Peace sign” and onto a fan favorite.  She preforms “Drive My Soul”.  Most of the fans in the Danforth music hall sang along.  “Meteorites” follows, we hear “headcold”, “Toes” and she ends with “Banner”.  The band gets a standing ovation from the crowd and after minutes of loud cheers and “we love you”s the band makes their way back on the stage for their one encore and it is “Muscle Memory”.  Although, just one song it is enough to completely satisfy the crowd.  She holds her drink up as the concert ends and with a hometown tribute she ‘cheers’ her drink with an excited fan and excites the stage.

Thank you lights for such a wonderful show during Canadian Music Week, you sure do make Canada proud.


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