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Becky With The Good Hair! Who The Hell Is She??

By now I’m sure you’ve found yourself gossiping about it around the water cooler?!? No, Ok well here it is…So Beyoncé dropped her visual album, Lemonade on April 23, 2016.  Ms. Queen B who’s is no stranger to setting trends failed to disappoint with this one.


I’m not here to talk about the album in it’s entirety just to shine some light of understanding a certain phrase in the song Sorry that has been taking the internet by storm “Becky with the good hair” just who is she? In her song B states “He only want me when I’m not there / He better call Becky with the good hair.”  Moments later Rachel Roy (ex wife of  Damon Dash who is ex business partners with Jay Z and one of the founding members of the clothing line Roc-A-Wear which Rachel Roy was employed) took to Instagram with a photo and comment implying that she’s the “Becky with the good hair”.


But let us give you a quick background on who “Becky with the good hair” really is.   You might want to sit down because you may find some  similarities in the characteristics being mentioned, You may be one, know one or have one…Becky with the good hair” is just another overprivillaged white girl that shops and works out for a living. Her oral skills are usually a 10 and she’s willing to try anything… making her the perfect side-chick or your mans “Becky with the good hair”.   LOL!

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