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As Canada Music week wraps up No Sinner and La Sera rock the Garrison

As the week comes to an end I must wish you a final “Happy Canada Music Week” for this year, of course.  Here in Toronto we are proud and honoured to be the home to this wonderful event.  We have had some amazing bands visit us this week, big names like Collective Soul and Holy Holy, Demi Louise and La Sera just to name a few and they have been incredible and such a treat to have in our city.

For a lot of fans this week I think what has been most inspiring is our hometown bands and artists, the names we maybe didn’t know before this week that proved to be awesome!  Perhaps a new voice you had not heard and you instantly fell in love with, or a band whos cd you bought and it now plays in your car.  The artists who had that twinkle in their eye as they were playing proudly in their home country for the fans of Canadian Music.  What a thing to be apart of and what a thing to inspire you to be a proud Canadian.

Canada and the music world come together and celebrate a week long music event with thousands of artist.  Thank you to each and every one of them, it has been a blast.

But, before the week ended Sunday night proved to be a loud, rocking night especially over at the Garrison.


No Sinner kicks off the evening at the Garrison.

No Sinner a blues-rock trio band from Vancouver gave the fans a beautiful performance.  If you have not heard this band you must, they are incredible.  Their lead singer Colleen Rennison has amazing vocals and the band is very talented.  Pick up their CD you will enjoy it.


No Sinners new cd “Old Habits Die Hard


To give you a little taste check out this sounds clip and then go get their music into your life!



Next to take the stage the very talented and lovely band La Sera.


From the first note you could sense this bands chemistry on stage.  They are a fantastic group and their music sounds great.  Keeping the audience excited and entertained the entire show they sure did rock the Garrison.

IMG_2090 IMG_2092 IMG_2101 IMG_2107

Both elegant and playful on stage La Sera had the attention of everyone in The Garrison Sunday night.



Katy Goodman from La Sera

What a great night and a perfect concert to be one of the ending shows of Canada Music Week.  Support music and support local artists.


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