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Album Review – No Sinner: Old Habits Die Hard

No Sinner a Canadian band from Vancouver has released their second album titled Old Habits Die Hard.  Led by vocal powerhouse Colleen Rennison this album is a mix of blues and rock, combined with the band’s own unique sound.  It is packed with emotion and may just leave you feeling exhausted, yet completely satisfied.

Coleen Rennison’s vocals are exceptionally great, she has a soulful sound with an obvious Janis influence combined with her own beautiful tone.  She has a vocal maturity of a seasoned musician and a sound that is captivating.  Throughout the album the listener is taken on a journey.  A ride on an emotional roller-coaster filled with a mixture of feelings and emotions where we are privy to some of Rennison’s innermost thoughts and pains that result is amazing, edgy, heart filled lyrics.  Listen at your own discretion because you will want more.

The album is solid from the first track right until the last note.  It starts off with an energetic, rocking song titled: “All Woman”.  They begin with a bang, right away the listener is treated to the versatility of Rennison’s vocals as the band warms you up with this rocking tune and before you know it you may just have turned it up.  Let the journey begin.

With solid tunes, one after another, the album is well paced, head bopping, soul-touching and emotional.  This album can fill a void even if it’s just for the time you spend with them song after song.  They slow things down, slightly only, with a very touching song titled “Hollow”.  This song is amazing and may almost bring the listener to tears.

Followed by a song where we hear the lyrics “Hey Daddy won’t you watch me rip it up/why don’t you come to the show/why don’t you come to the show”.  We hear of Rennison’s vulnerability but at the same time confidence, creating one hell of a tune.

“Lines on the Highway” could just about give you goosebumps and anyone feeling conflicted needs to hear this song.  These guys are so good, every song is fantastic on this album.  A proud Canadian band they are representing the True North gracefully.  Do yourself a favour and get a copy of this album.  It is impressive and musically brilliant.  Well done No Sinner we look forward to what the future brings for this band.


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