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Album Review – Drake: Views

Drake’s 4th studio album Views takes the listener on a journey.  Drake born in Toronto, pays homage to his home-city in this album.  A proud Canadian Drake has always been loyal to Toronto.

The album cover shows an image of Drake sitting on the Toronto iconic building, the CN Tower.  He even includes a well known Toronto street name in the title of one of his songs “Weston Road Flows”.

Throughout the album we hear lyrics of a vulnerable Drake.  He sings and raps of heartache and heartbreak.  We hear Drake open up about woes of family and friends and expresses his feelings of disappointment.

We are constantly reminded of Drake’s gratitude for his success in life which is nice to hear from such a successful artist.  We also hear of Drake’s enemies, a list that seems to be growing, giving the listener a respect for the fact that fame and success can bring about hardship.  However, he doesn’t let us feel too empathetic when he reminds the listener just how much he enjoys the money, fame and his world he has created. 

In his fantastic collaboration with Rihanna the listener gets a taste of their amazing chemistry in the song “Too Good”.  With the rumors circulating of these two possibly being reunited as a couple it makes the song even more steamy.  Rihanna’s impressive voice matches well with Drakes soft, passionate tone making for a perfect song. 

The album consists of twenty songs and 81 minutes and 15 seconds of Drake goodness.  The entire album is excellent and as a nice surprise you really get a sense of Drake’s vocal talent with his “Summers Over Interlude”. 

As I was reviewing and listening to this album I pondered where the ideal place to listen to it would be?  I pondered this as I walked.   At that moment I looked over at a skate park, noticed a couple of younger guys on their skateboards, and it dawned on me when I heard none other than Drake’s new album Views playing through their speakers.  A sunny day at the skateboard park, the perfect place to listen to this album!


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